IJREWHS 2021 Now Fully Online!


Hydraulic engineering is one of the most important fields of civil and environmental engineering with challenges arising from new and complex environmental issues to upgrades or replacement of aging infrastructure. Such challenges will require the combined efforts of both researchers and practitioners in future years. The IAHR International Junior Researcher and Engineer Workshop on Hydraulic Structures (IJREWHS) brings together young scientists and engineers to discuss hydraulic structure designs, new research and practical solutions.

This workshop is the 8th in a successful series organized by the IAHR Hydraulic Structures Committee. Previous workshops were held in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal (2006), Pisa, Italy (2008), Edinburgh, Scotland (2010), Logan, Utah USA (2012), Spa, Belgium (2014), Lübeck, Germany (2016) and Denver, Colorado USA (2019).

The next IJREWHS 2021 will be celebrated fully online using a Virtual workshop platform. Synchronous activities will be carried out in small groups, thus ensuring active engagement amongst junior and senior participants and the Leadership Team of the IAHR Hydraulic Structures Technical Committee.

Workshop Intention

The objective of the IJREWHS is to provide an opportunity for young researchers and engineers to gain international exposure by presenting and discussing their research to current and future international research leaders and experts in hydraulic structures. In a friendly environment, authors and presenters receive constructive feedback from their peers and a committee of senior researchers on their paper and presentation. Based on that feedback, authors will submit a revised final version of their manuscript, which will undergo a review by peers (workshop participants) and senior researchers. Once accepted, the paper will be published open access with at Digital Object Identifier at Utah State University, ensuring large exposure to the international community.

Junior research and engineering participants will gain valuable experience during the workshop through the peer reviewing and chairing of sessions. Additionally, the participants will discuss the presented works in round table discussions, together with the committee of senior researchers. This procedure encourages intensive but positive and friendly career development in addition to enabling the students to make valuable contacts in the field of hydraulic structures research and engineering.

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